Unox Commercial Ovens and Hot Fridges

In partnership with Unox, Foodmach offers a generous array of Convection Ovens, Hot Fridges, and various commercial kitchen equipment catering to your various food service requirements.

NOTE the below products are a sample-only array of equipment. CONTACT US for equipment availability, prices, logistics, and other equipment and brand options.

CHEFTOP Countertop Combi Ovens

Unox XEVC-1021-GPRM Gas Oven
XEVC-1021-GPRM Countertop Gas Combi Oven
Unox XEVC-0511-EPRM Electric Oven, by Foodmach, Inc.
XEVC-0511-EPRM Countertop Electric Combi Oven

BAKERTOP Big Combi Ovens

Unox CHEFTOP Big Plus Electric Combi Oven XEBL-16EU-DPRS
XEBL-16EU-DPRS Electric Combi Oven
Unox CHEFTOP Big Plus Gas Combi Oven XEBL-16EU-GPRS
XEBL-16EU-GPRS Gas Combi Oven

BAKERLUX & LINEMISS Convection Ovens

Unox BAKERLUX LINEMISS Gas Convection Oven XB613G
XB613G Gas Convection Oven
Unox XFT113 BAKERLUX LINEMISS Electric Convection Oven with Humidity Repair Service Preventive Maintenance - Foodmach Inc Manila Philippines
XFT113 Electric Convection Oven

LINEMICRO Convection Ovens

Unox XF023 LINEMICRO Manual Electric Convection Oven Repair Service Preventive Maintenance - Foodmach Inc Philippines
XF023 Manual Electric Convection Oven
Unox XF033 LINEMICRO Manual Electric Convection Oven Repair Service Preventive Maintenance - Foodmach Inc Philippines TH
XF033 Manual Electric Convection Oven

EVEREO Electric Hot Fridges

Unox Evereo Hot Fridge XEEC-1011-EPR - Foodmach Inc Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Buy Retail, Service
XEEC-1011-EPR Evereo Hot Fridge

Unox was incorporated in 1990 and breaks into the market of professional ovens with a product designed to bake frozen bread and frozen croissants without proofing. Thanks to the new AIR.MaxiTM technology that guarantees uniform air diffusion using multiple fans, UNOX immediately established itself as a market leader.


Unox is now an established reality with presence in the major international markets. With the advent of the new millennium, ChefLux ™ and BakerLux ™ combined oven lines are launched.


Improvements now take place at a fast pace. The new ChefTop ™ and BakerTop ™ ranges are the excellence for professionals. The company increases its global presence and inaugurates its new avant-garde headquarter, a modern construction technologies jewel.


CHEFTOP and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps ™ ovens are the most efficient and advanced cooking tool for the professional kitchen, capable of guaranteeing top-level cooking performance with any food item. Artificial Intelligence Data Driven Cooking allows the monitoring of usage data and translated them into useful tips to improve use of the machine.

The international expansion of the company continues as well as that of the production plants. UNOX is present directly with its offices and sales branches in 34 countries around the world and the product is distributed in more than 130.