Sirman Professional Catering Equipment

In partnership with Sirman, Foodmach offers generous array of professional catering equipment for your various food service requirements.

NOTE the below products are a sample-only array of equipment. CONTACT US for equipment availability, prices, logistics, and other equipment and brand options.

Cheese Graters

Foodmach Sirman Athos Cheese Grater
Sirman Athos Cheese Grater

Sirman Foodmach

For 50 years, Sirman has been manufacturing the finest food processing machines for the professional kitchen, the small meat processing and retail industry.

From the entrepreneurial idea of the founder Nereo Marzaro to the present time, Sirman has constantly committed with a high level of organization and teamwork to fulfill the needs of over 600 dealers nationally and 126 countries worldwide with products entirely designed and made in Italy.