In partnership with MKN, Foodmach offers generous array of ovens and combisteamers catering to your various food service requirements.

Size 6.1 Electric or Gas
Size 6.2 MAXI Electric or Gas
Size 10.1 Electric or Gas
Size 10.2 MAXI Electric or Gas
Size 20.1 Electric or Gas
Size 20.2 MAXI Electric or Gas

Everything we plan and do at MKN is embedded in an evolutionary process. We aim to be a long-term, reliable partner with responsibility:

  • to our customers
  • to our workforce
  • to the environment in general.

And each piece of equipment that we design and manufacture is tailor-made to cater for future customer requirements.

Our unique management system has developed a strategy for monitoring and improving the quality, safety and environmental standards that govern our production line. All the members of our highly qualified workforce know exactly what their tasks and responsibilities entail. Which is why all our departments, from research and development through to final assembly, are totally flexible and in a position to incorporate new ideas and techniques whenever possible, as well as providing a rapid response to any problems that occur during production.