Lassele Refrigerators, Chillers, and Freezers

In partnership with Lassele, Foodmach offers a generous array of refridgerators and freezers catering to your various food service requirements.

NOTE the below products are a sample-only array of equipment. CONTACT US for equipment availability, prices, logistics, and other equipment and brand options.

Upright Refrigerators, Chillers, and Freezers

Top Mount Reach-In Refrigerator LRT-23S
Top Mount Reach-In Refrigerator LRT-49D
Top Mount Reach-In Freezer LRT-23S
Top Mount Reach-In Freezer LRT-49D
4 Half Door Refrigerator LRT-1471H
Half Door Freezer LFT-771H
Upright Half Door Refrigerator LRT-771H



Undercounter Refrigerators, Chillers, and Freezers

Lassele Undercounter Refrigerator LNRT-2B-1200, 11 cu. ft.
Undercounter Refrigerator LNRT-2B-1200, 11 cu. ft.
Lassele Undercounter Refrigerator LNRT-2B-1500, 15 cu. ft.
Undercounter Refrigerator LNRT-2B-1500, 15 cu. ft.

Ice Makers

Ice Maker LUI 150A

LASSELE refrigerators are built to last. All units are provided in high energy savings and ease of service. Temperature is digitally controlled and easily viewed from the exterior of the cabinet. Stainless steel construction ensures years of long life and maximum durability. LASSELE units are designed with energy savings in mind.This enduring quality protects your long term investment. 

Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety and the best value in today’s food service marketplace. The very finest stainless with higher tensile strength for fewer dents and scratches. Adjustable, heavy duty PVC coated shelves. Positive seal self-closing door.