Dolphin DW-3200 Series Hood Type Dishwasher

Dolphin DW-3200 Series Hood Type Dishwasher

Built-in booster tank provides effective heat saving and practical space usage. And booster tank reduces operating costs by reducing heat loss.

The up-ward rinse nozzle cleans detergent residual out of hood roof. Thus it prevents re-contamination from detergent dropping on dishes. Dolphin dishwashing machine is free from re-contamination of detergent after the whole washing cycle.

Remote controller is not interrupted by installed position even in corner installation. User can read the operating stage

1.2kW and 1.5kW of the high-powered wash pump designed by Dolphin assures clean and hygienic washing results. Dolphin wash pump made of harmless high-strength plastic, is resistant to corrosion and provides pleasant kitchen surrounding with low noise.

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