Dipo Induction Heavy Duty Professional Kitchen Equipment

In partnership with Dipo Induction, Foodmach offers various Coffee and Espresso Machine Equipment for your various food service requirements.

Dipo Induction Cooking Equipment

Dipo Two Zone Induction Cooker CK226
Dipo Induction Griddle DIHG70G
Dipo Induction Stock Pot DIH070

For 21 years Dipo Induction has created gorgeously-designed, cutting edge kitchen solutions that are used by professional chefs in some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Founded in Seoul, South Korea in August 1999 by Jinsook Hur, Dipo Induction remains a family-run business led by Jinsook and her daughter Serena, who work alongside an international team of seasoned professionals that spans Asia, Europe, and the Americas.